Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Little Man turns 4 (belated post ha ha)

                              The LM is now 4.
                 I can't believe how fast the time  has gone,
          Just think so he will be off to school and OMG won't they know it then but before that happens we
have to survive his 4th party...
So sit back and be prepared to be bored  or to enjoy the build up to LM's 4th birthday party  as I put his photos  on the blog....

6.00am yes you are now 4 but couldn't you be 4 at 8.00am? ha ha

I know  you are 4...
You love Hungry Hippos....(not too noisy for me )

OMG you got a little kitchen to be a chef like your big brother Chris.

Lm and his Da...

My mum and dad.

Yum I love cake mix.

mmmm yum

This is LM"S 4th birthday cake,He picked the pig.
Cake tasted good.

Blowing out 4 candles....
The big 4year old
Happy Birthday to you....

I love sparklers..

All up we had a busy day but it was worth it to see the LM get excited about his birthday.
Party bits and pieces next time.

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  1. His birthday party was wonderful & I'm sure enjoyed by all.


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