Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Yummy Tuesday

What a great day....

First I got into some cooking and boy did my house smell good but the best thing that happened was my mother and father arrived
at lunch time.They are staying till next Tuesday yeah...

It is so good having them around.

Kev took them to daycare to pick up the LM .He went all shy lucky it only lasted a little while and now we can't shut him up.

Anyway before they arrived I did my  cooking....I made....

First I made some yummy chocolate chip cookies for mum and john.

For some reason they went a bit flat but hey I can't be perfect all the time.ha ha

Next was Kev's favorite a carrot and walnut cake.

I don't like carrot  cake- I mean carrots are vegetables you can't disguise them as cake.Once a veggie always a veggie.

 But Kev and mum and john did and it is Kev's favorite cake.(being a suck up he he he)

But the icing was yum.....

I even made a vanilla cake so I can make my cake pops tomorrow.

Fingers crossed they will turn out.



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