Friday, August 26, 2011

Thinking of you Muriel

This post is for my mother in law-- Kevin's mum.

I mentioned last week about her being ill -Well today is the big day.

At 1.30pm she will be operated on and we will know a couple of hours later how she is and what happens next.

So good luck  Muriel and remember all our prayers and thoughts are with you today.
I know Kev is very uptight about it as I know Pam and Sharon will be the same but you will be fine.Too many people care about you.

You will back to being  so many things to so many people.Going to soccer again (how exciting) and still going  for The Bulldogs-(cant change that one hey...)And giving the grandkids chocolates or having chocolate biscuits on hand.(LM loves this but hey Ashley still does as well)

We are all wishing you well so  we will see you later tonight.
And don't worry I won't bring my camera and take photos.......

Not-You think I am going to let a  chance like this past me by and not do it ha ha ha


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  1. Thinking of you Muriel & we hope that everything goes well for you Love from Joan & Johnxx


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