Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Party

Well welcome to my 4yr's farmyard birthday party.
I am really excited about it and hope everything works out.I couldn't have done all my bits without the
help of mum-john and Gail and my wonderful Kevin
Kids seemed to like it but we had chocolate so that doesn't really count......

We had lots of family and friends come to help us celebrate which was good and the LM had some of his friends from daycare here,I think there was about 20 kids and about 30-40 Adults.
As usual plenty of food but not too many leftovers ......

We even made kebabs from different sausages and vegetables for the adults to eat-but forgot to cook them till almost the end.

Weather was OK till the animal nursery arrived then we had sprinkles of rain.Animals rain and little kids dosn't work really well but I must say I was suprised -they kids behaved really well.

and OMG- they weren't the little baby animals I was expecting....

Oh no they were big.

The LM was a bit scared at first or that could have been my fault because if those animals came near me they would have to get through the LM first...

The birthday boy all dressed up..

LM and his brother Chris.

Sam is Chris's partner and they are expecting their first child,

Watch out LM he is a big sheep...

Mumma Gail Chris and the LM.

Come on LM feed this little baby.

Kerry and Emanuel.

Feeding little piggy.LM wanted a baby pig soooooo bad ,Later i said come on lets
go see the pig."I'm not interested"he replied.

Milly and LM patting chickens.

LM and Annaliese with a really big rabbit.I have never seen a rabbit that big.I thought it was a dog.ha ha
Actually they were bigger than our dog,Great we had killer rabbits.

Happy birthday to LM......
Happy Birthday to LM.....

All worn out .Well I know I am even if the other 2 aren't.
Thank God no more kids parties for another 12 months....yippeeee


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  1. I love the photo of Annaliese & Aidan with the rabbit. In fact all the photos are good.


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