Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fairy Bread

Today I have just a little post for you-

Can you make fairy bread look any more cuter than how it looks now?

Well yes you can and also more yummable.
I read this handy hint in the Doctors the other week and yesterday the Little Man and I did some fairy bread magic.....(don't expect anything toooo magic this is just a little cute...)

Spread your bread with butter

Next choose your favorite biscuit cutter and put on the bread and press shape out,

We used a heart and a weird looking Mickey Mouse head cutter.I got 2 of the Micky heads  from one slice of bread but you get the idea.

Once they are cut out give the sprinkles to the fairy helper beside you and let them cover the bread shapes.
I must have forgot to tell my fairy helper not to make a mess because we had fairy sprinkles in some really weird places and a lot around his mouth.

Aren't these so cute.....

I guess it does look Mickey mouse head (if you couldn't see  ) But who cares
the Little Man loves them so we are going to get more cutters Yeah and do some more.

Even just make a normal Vegemite and cheese sandwich (yeah I know yuck but LM loves it)
and cut out your favorite shape on.
You just made a boring sandwich MAGIC.

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  1. It's a wonderful idea for little peoples parties.
    Also easy for little ones to help you make.


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