Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Party countdown

Here it is on a beautiful Monday and I am cleaning out drawers and my craft room (yuck what a job)it seems to be a dumping ground for
everything that doesn't have a proper place to live .

Oh well it happens.

I went to the Target toy sale last week and have bought most of the LM's presents for Christmas and also bought  all of my nieces and nephew's even the baby's not born yet (due Jan) .

It feels so good knowing I don't need to go present shopping at Christmas time I can stay at home and relax .ha ha

The only thing with getting all these presents now in July is where to put them.......Well you are right they are in the Craft room.ha ha ha

Well it is only 5 days till the party so I am madly cooking up  little treats and bits and pieces.

So today I made

Tiny Teddy Cars how yum.

Well this is all you need to make them.

Tiny teddy biscuit's( I used 2 little packs)

Milky way-this was a snack bag that had 18 chocolates in it.

Smarties -Kev bought a bag but I think that was a cheeky way for him to get  the leftovers because
a box would have done.

Once again I used candy melts to stick them together.If you can get these they dry really fast so
no sitting there holding bits on.

Just a little tip when making these Teddy's  because they are self explanatory to make but when you put the Teddy on cut a
bit off the bottom of Teddy to make it level put whatever you are using to stick with
and push the Teddy in just a little bit.

He He He ....Aren't they cute....Beep Beep

There were  18 Teddy's but the LM begged me for one.

He told me I was the best mummy ever while he was stuffing his face with chocolate.

So I think he meant it ha ha

Now who can have a party without chocolate crackles.

Except Kev likes real chocolate crackles which mean I used chocolate buttons ,coconut,
and of  course rice bubbles.

At first I thought he was mad but trust me there is a difference  so now I
only make Kev's crackles.

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  1. The teddies look amazing, & the chocolate crackles taste even better. I had to sample.Love you Mum xxx


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