Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Around the house

                                   Just some photos taken from around the house.

Mum moved the herb garden  when she was here last time and it is thriving...

Pity I don't remember what they all are ha ha

I got the plate for Christmas from Kerry and the birdhouse is from Kev.
I don't like the bird inside it though- well I did when I bought it but I don't anymore so I have just put it here.
What do they say "out of sight out of mind"

And just a photo of my wonderful husband taken awhile ago but I just found it again..
He is so beautiful....

          I bought this cute little stand (I have some pears on it ) on Saturday and I just love it...

Not a great photo (Kev took it ha ha ) but who cares.I also got the stand and glass cover on Saturday.
I forgot to say  that I bought them both from   http://fredtheneedle.blogspot.com.au/  Fred the needle.
Best shop in Penrith.....

At the moment I am living on these.Well I have a pack a day.It's mums fault as she bought me
a packet while I was in hospital...
The only good thing is I am starting to get over them  I wonder what my next craze will be?

                                                                       Too too cute.....

                More Etsy goodies....These are for mine and mums  365 books.......

                                                    More Esty Christmas goodies....

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  1. Too many things to comment on. The plate & all the stands look good, Kevin looks very handsome & happy. I love the braclets for the girls. I'm sure that they will love them. Don't blame me for the chips, I get enough blame for things. Love you xxx


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