Friday, March 23, 2012

Best Salad

I am not a salad person.To me salad is tomatoes and beetroot and if I am being adventurous I will add avocado's...

But I saw this on Jamie Oliver's 30 Min's meals and thought I would give it a try...

You  need

Some cut up Roma tomatoes
Cut up shallots and parsley
Place in bowl

Cut up some chorizo and chopped garlic  and cook in some olive oil
When cooked add to salad mix -oil as well

You can add a bit more oil if you like  - also you can add a few drops of sherry vinegar.(I don't like this as it smells like wine.But Kev likes it so its your choice)

Chill or serve straight away good either way.

You wont regret making this -so Yum..

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  1. I will get around to trying the salad when I can get the Continental or Italian parsley. Woolies don't seem to carry it so I'll have to try at Coles. It does look yummy though.


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