Thursday, March 29, 2012

Leggo blanket

I have a wonderful mother.

I saw this blanket on  melissa goodsell blog.

Do yourself a favour and have a look at her blog it's a truly good blog and full of great things to do.

I fell in love with it and wanted it for the LM but I also knew I didn't have the patience to make this
                                                                          Boo Hoo
So what is a girl to do when she needs help -why she calls her mother and begs her to make this for her grandson.
                                                             And mum said YES......

So off I went to Spotlight and bought the wool  as fast as I could (before Mum could change her mind)ha ha .

Kev posted the wool to her and today she received it.

Now we wait while she finishes her  other things  then she will make the blanket.The wait will be worth it.
                                                       I cant wait...A big hug to my wonderful mum...

No I am not sucking up mum  to make you start it sooner.(although if it would help I could try Ha Ha)

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  1. I'll drop everything just for you Deidre. I only have a couple of things to finish. It looks a very interesting pattern I must say.


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