Thursday, March 22, 2012

Baby day

Well today is the day.
Our first grandchild is due today.
Kevin's middle son and his fiance are expecting a little baby girl.
I cant wait....

This is Tilly- mum to be at 38 weeks pregnant...

And here is our gran daughter
I think she looks like Kevin.ha ha ha

Well  the baby is due today and it is also my grandfathers birthday today.Although
 he has passed away a  long time ago.It would be nice if she was born today just for that reason.

Fingers and legs crossed ...For a healthy little girl.(lets hope the ultrasound is correct...)

And once again I have left things till the last minute to make some things for the  baby.I am going to start crocheting a baby rug tonight....
Will I ever learn? no don't think so.

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  1. Tilly certainly looks ready to go. Just think you & Kevin will be grandparents.....number one.


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