Sunday, March 18, 2012

Craft Craft and more Craft

                            Well I am back -back to doing crafts that is....

Today Kerry's best friend had her daughters naming day and she was to be a godmother to one of the girls.
Now I really like her friend so I was willing to make things so her day looked great.

The only problem was === well not really a problem was I left things till Thursday that gave me 2 and a bit days to make things....Last minute rushing once again

I did it  ..yeah and everything turned out as good as we hoped for.

Hope you like the photos there is a few ha ha ha

I made a few different types of cupcake picks and Kerry made the cupcakes they looked great.

 Our paper doily bunting is so cute I love it.  While I was sewing the doily's on to string Kerry was
glueing on the flowers.
.Good joint effort.I am going to make a strand of these for my craft room,

                                                  Love it...

This was a bit trickier to sew as it was made from crepe paper and it stretched as I sewed it but as it was to decorate a tent .... I used crepe paper

Looked good when I got used to sewing the paper..

This little tulle puff tree was just for a decoration.I repainted a pot with gesso as the original had Christmas pictures on it and also painted the stick white.
For the puff I gather tulle and glued them on.It took about 8 tulle clumps to fill the ball.
The tulle looked better when we puffed it out when the glue dried.

A close up of the bottom of the pot.I found the birds in my craft room (while I was cleaning up) and I made the little heart pick....

The candles....Connie (the girls mother ) gave me the photos and she wanted black and white ones.
At first I was unsure of this but when I added the pink trim I loved them....
I printed everything on vellum and all the other bits I had or were from Fred the Needle...

This candles was one of the Nana's and her grandson who had passed away  but they wanted to have them at the ceremony...

I made one of these each as a little gift for the girls.

I wish I knew which site I originally saw these on but I cant remember but thanks for the idea....

     I am so happy with how these turned out...

Then once I finished all of these I had the sewing machine out so I finished these face washers that my sister gave me for baby  Chloe but I didn't get around to doing in November.So I added the lace trim and they look great...

Yeah I am on a craft roll......Watch for more pictures....

Kerry took this picture at the ceremony.Candles look good don't they.....


  1. Everything looks absolutely beautiful. A wonderful job by both Mother & Daughter. I really love the puff tree. I'm sure that Connie would have loved everything & the effort put in.

  2. young does Kevin look!!! Everything is AMAZING!!! Mrs C xoxox


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