Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Birthday to my best friend.

                                                 Today is my best friends birthday.

                                            They are being a bit shy at the moment.

                              From the moment we met I knew we would be friends forever.

                            Happy Birthday Kevin ....I hope you have a wonderful  day.

Hopefully it will be still be beautiful weather next  weekend for you to do your Birthday present from LM and myself.

We know of Kevin's love for flying ....(he has his student licence and has done around 30hours in the air but had to stop due to commitments )

The LM and I bought him a GLIDER EXPERIENCE where he goes up in the glider and then takes the controls and then the instructor lands. Well that's what I think happens .ha ha aah

When we gave it to him he was really excited and said it was something he wanted to do.... so fingers crossed for a great day...

                      This would have to be my favourite photo of Kevin when he was little. I just love the curly blond hair. Poor Teddy looks like he has seen better days.....

             Out and about with his dad when Kevin was around 3 or 4 and they were still in England...

Check out my Kevin-no goatee or moustache.....

                                                   Ahh that's a bit better.So handsome isn't he.....

                                                                       My big fisherman.....

                        This plane was a joy flight for Kev that we got him for Christmas one year....
                                                      I just love the hat and googles....

                                             So Happy Birthday to my Best friend.

                     I love you today ,yesterday and will love you even more tomorrow........

                                    Happy 49th Birthday don't look a day older  xxx


  1. What a sweetie. I know he is your rock and good for him. Have fun on the glide Kevin.

  2. Fun Pictures Dee! & what a fabulous idea for a gift! All the guys will be really jealous! Especially my hubby! Hope your day is perfect!

  3. Happy Birthday, Kevin! What an endearing post, Dee. I love that you have such a pillar of joy and strength in your life.

  4. Happy Birthday Kevin. Deidre is so lucky to have you for a husband, but then you are also lucky to have her for a wife. TRUE LOVE xxx
    Love you both.


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