Thursday, May 30, 2013

Saturday fun???...

What are your Saturdays like?

Ours are the normal hectic Saturdays that everyone seems to have, some are quiet but some like this weekend are full on.....

First off the LM had soccer.

 So Kevin had to take him early so they could do a little warm up all together then the game which goes for around 40 mins .....

Oh ....... Yeah they won.....

Next Kevin had to do a quick clothes change in the car then race off to McDonald's where the LM had to attend a 5th birthday party for one of the little girls in his class.

While there Kev said he had a "rest" and something to eat then it was off back to home for a about an hour before he had to go out again....

Now we have another change of clothes into LM's swimmers and off they go to swimming lessons.

After swimming it's off to Woolworth's to get some grocery's....

Finally it's around 3.30pm and they are home.

LM goes off to his room for a play and watch a movie.Poor tired Kev gets a beer and a sit down until he hears the dreaded words  ""DA WHERE ARE YOU ?""

Sounds like a once off Saturday  but it must be birthday season at school because we have to do this routine again for the next two week ends.

Gee I am glad I am sick and cant go with him ha ha

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  1. Busy, busy, the joys of children. It never changes but you wouldn't have it any other way.


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