Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mum's Ripple blankets and more

I have been meaning to show these but keep forgetting to post them.

My mum is a beautiful knitter and crocheter (is that a word?) and she sent me down a couple of pictures of two ripple blankets she has just made and I thought I would share them.....

I think this one is for a gift. Reminds me of Summer nice and fresh...

This one Mum made for Jaxon but I think I will try and get her to make one for the LM in the same colours.....Sounds like a good idea!

Anyway while I was showing these I thought I would show a couple of others mum has made for me....I am very lucky to have a mum like her.....

I love this Lego blanket she made for the LM it really suits his bedroom....

This is mine.What can I say apart from the fact that I love it. It is so warm and it's unusual ...
Yep I love it...

Mum made this one for the LM a few years ago and it is still a firm favourite with both myself and the LM..
This is one of mums blankets that she has in her guest room.
It is so thick and warm you just want to curl up inside it.

So  yes I think I may go down to the wool shop and see what I can get for mum to make me another blanket or two.....I am very lucky to have a mum like her.....(and no mum I am not sucking up for another blanket ....but pleasssssseeeee)

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  1. I didn't realize that I'd made so many for you. Only Joking, but glad that you like them considering that you picked out the patterns & the wool for some.
    Love you xxx


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