Monday, May 27, 2013

50 years.

                                                                       Mum and me...

Well it's finally "D" day. I have just had my 50th Birthday...(yesterday)...

I didn't do anything special(my choice )  just spent the day with Kev and the LM Kerry Emmanuel and Jaxon came over as did Ashley and Mel... Mum had been down the whole week before so that was great just hanging with her.

It feels weird to say I am 50 it just seems so old. Like I am sick but I don't feel old does that make sense?

I know some people have a bucket list of things to do before they are 50 but not me. I can't really think  of anything I really desperately want to do or see.

I have  always wanted to be a Nana well I am lucky enough to have that with my little Jaxon. I have a wonderful husband and could not ask for better. The LM is finally settling down a lot better so things look good here.

My main thing that worries me is my legs and health but I am seeing doctors so that is all somewhat
under control.

Have I learnt anything in 50 years?....

I have to remember that people don't think the same way I do....

Yeah .....nothing lasts forever, and that people aren't always who they portray them selves to be. 

Love your family .....because as much as you sometimes want to change them they will be there for you while some others aren't.

Possessions aren't everything......

               Thanks to everyone who sent me Birthday wishes it they were very much appreciated.
                                                         So Happy Birthday to me....
And a very big thanks to Kev for making my day be just the way I wanted it to be....


  1. Agree with you on both counts. It doesn't take much to be happy if you are good at appreciating what you have. Happy birthday for yesterday. My turn in a few years....yikes.

  2. Happy Birthday, friend!! Hope it was a good one.


  3. I'm glad to have spent your birthday with you. Half a century, you are now making me feel much older. Love you heaps.


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