Tuesday, May 28, 2013

E is for Emma

E is for Emma ....

Today I had to make some craft that I had an order for.It was so good to be doing craft again instead of just sleeping and being sick.

I know I am back on track because as I was doing these two pieces I also started another couple of things as well (can't wait to show them when they are finished...

So here is what I made today.....

I am very happy how they turned out because mauve is a colour I don't work with I found it hard to do.
I was looking at some past items that I have made and gee my style has really changed over the years.The one thing I was really pleased about the most was apart from the wooden letters I had everything else here in my stash. That felt good to use up a little bit more.
Now lets hope Clare likes them as they are for her friend.


  1. That's lovely Dee and nice that most of it comes from the craft stash.

  2. That's cuter than anything you could buy in a store pre-made. Well done, Dee.


  3. Very nice but then everything you do turns out ok.


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