Saturday, May 4, 2013


I had a lovely visit from Kerry and Jaxon this week and while  I was smothering him in kisses I noticed this on his forehead.

                                                               HIS FIRST BUMP......

                                              Poor bub.....Kerry said it happened at home.
Oh well Kerry this is the first of many...and being a boy there will be heaps.

Hey did I just say that?

Why because he is a boy will there be more than a girl.......

What crap......

Kerry for a while there you seemed to have a bandage on your knees and legs all the time.

So I guess what I should be saying is (get ready for some motherly advice coming up ) Be ready cause it's going to happen and happen often and also happen when you don't want it to happen.

love you


  1. We've seen so many bumps like that around here! Hope little man feels better soon. :(


  2. Some times I think it hurts us more than them. They are made for this kind of thing at this age.

    Hope you are having a lovely and healthy weekend.

  3. Always lovely when Kerry comes for a visit. Jaxon looks so serious but very cute. Hugs & kisses from Nan will fix him up.


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