Sunday, May 26, 2013

Jaxon's new hat

I bought this hat  for my beautiful little Jaxon and by the looks of his "thumbs up" he loves it just like I do.
I did get it for him to wear as a newborn but we never got around to doing photos so I thought better do some now better late than never....
Everything was going fine ...........or so I thought.....

He decided he didn't like his new hat and boy did he let us know........
Ok Jaxon Nana promises no more silly looking hats for you hush and stop crying PLEASE....
Actually even when he cries he looks toooo cute.


  1. Well they never stop trying to dress themselves do they. My daughter takes off just about everything I out on her. I like the hat and I bet he will too when it gets colder.

  2. I love the little hat & Jaxon is so cute when he cries.


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