Friday, May 31, 2013

Mixed up photos Friday 2


So proud....the LM received this today.It made me smile....He couldn't wait to show me...

Sweet yeah sure.....Last night we had visitors.
Not the sort that you would really want -
Seems the LM called 000 and they came to see that everything was OK.
Oh God I could have strangled him but the poor little thing shit himself...he was crying and hanging onto my arm so tight he knew he had done wrong. The officer bent down to talk to him (he was very good ) and LM just sobbed and sobbed .I looked at Kevin who had steam coming out both ears...Crap we were going to hear about this I could tell.
Like I said the police were great and we finally got LM to say sorry and that he wouldn't do it again...(yeah I have heard that before.) .When they left I thought right now we are Kevin to hear Kev go mental but he surprised me and wasn't he said LM was scared enough .
We told LM he has lost his mobile (no I didn't give him a mobile his mother did.he can only text from it but apparently you can still call 000) and I don't think he is going to get it back  for a long long time.Maybe when he is 18 ha ha
Hope you liked the photos
Have a great weekend...........


  1. I love the double trouble photo....not two of Aidan. I hope he has learned this time not to phone 000,but only to phone that number for an emergency, as all phones have that number. Fingers crossed it will not happen again.
    Lovely that Aidan received an award for manners which he certainly does have.

  2. Oh well, these things happen and he has called 000 from the landline before so you can't blame the mobile


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