Sunday, May 5, 2013

My baby is now 30...

I can't believe it .My little girl is now a woman of 30.

30 can you believe it ......I am having a hard time coming to terms with this .....

Where has the time gone.

........May cause crying (nana)

                                                        My beautiful newborn baby girl.

                                                          Yeah she was a Vegemite kid...

Her best friend Bear......We still have Bear I am going to give him to Jaxon when he is older.


Kerry's Christening. And who is that with the wild red hair ....Gee time does fly by too fast.

                My little tomboy going fishing and wearing a  Rabbitoh  jumper. Always a fan.

                   This is one of Nana's favourite photos...Kerry has always loved animals of any kind.

A little flower girl for my sister.The little pageboy on the left is the LM's big brother Chris.Who would of thought that the little boy would turn out to be over 6 foot.

        Gee she turned out so beautiful.  At first I didn't like the tattoo but now I don't even notice it.

 So thanks for strolling down memory lane with me ......I can wipe away my tears now.
I am just so happy that my baby has grown into a beautiful woman on the inside and on the outside and that she is now a new mother .She has made me very  very  proud and I love her heaps.

Wow...... time has gone by just so fast I dare not blink any more.


  1. Kerry was a beautiful baby & has become a beautiful lady, you must be so very proud of her Deidre. As her Nana I know that I am proud of the beautiful person that she has become. She will be an amazing mother to little Jaxon. xxx

  2. Congratulations Dee - she's beautiful - but that she's beautiful on the inside is because of YOU


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