Saturday, August 21, 2010


oh god , it's 4.00am I can't sleep.I  am in pain I think I will die this morning-Oh God hurry up about it then.

Maybe I should explain what this pain is.As you know I have little or no feelings in my toe,(in this case it was the no feeling toe)
Dr has explained that I would probably not get the feeling back ever -anyway  yesterday I was in the ensuite and kicked the cupboard -I looked at my foot it was ok -no feeling ,Anyway later on I started feeling like crap and it was getting worse.I had a peep at my foot and I have a deep gouge out on one toe.yuck well it's weird it has been giving me grief all night but I cant feel it-do you understand? cause I don't.

So now I am in pain from a toe I can't feel.....It could only happen to me

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  1. Poor Deidre, & yes it could only happen to you.Maybe go to the Dr....only joking


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