Thursday, August 12, 2010


These 3 pages I copied from Traci she works at Fred's which is on my favorite shop list.

Anyway Traci is an amazing scrapper and I just had to do these .Thanks so much Traci.

This one is of my sister and her husband .I did this as a 50th birthday gift for Debra except the cow dosn't look 50 does she.. but I still love her .Thanks Deb he he he

Well not to hard to guess who this is.

It is my parents and this picture was taken on their wedding day.Love you mum x

And lastsly the very handsome guy is my husband taken on our wedding day 6 years ago.Oh the lady with him is The Old Fat Hen.

                         dee x


  1. Everything you do is sooooooooo beautiful.
    Love you Mum xxx

  2. Wow.... you took my breath away when I saw what you had done for me. I was looking at the one you did of your Mum and Dad, thinking to myself how talented you are and secretly thinking I would love one of these, and then your Mum said this is for your birthday from Dee, Kevin and Aidan and it just blew me away. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I love it and you too.

  3. These layouts look awesome Dee if I do say so myself, you did a fantastic job. Tracy xx


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