Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Well I'm tired , sore and cranky so I guess that just means I am normal Same day same crap.

As for this blog thingy I am waiting for Gill(one of my fav scrapper and luckily for me a friend) to come over when she is free to fix how my blog looks ...

It's a bit boring and needs something to spice it up.Sounds like my life at present -here comes the sad part bring out the tissues boo hoo.No I am not going there tonight I am really busy making things at present for The Boy's birthday party on Saturday.

OMG see I told you I was a cranky so and so I forgot the best thing that happened today.

MY MUM IS DOWN FOR A FEW DAYS..Yeah I miss her so much so I am looking forward to her being here for The Boy as well-he is sooo happy his nanny is here.

I have started on the party decorations tonight- will take some photos of them to show you.Who said I am cutting it fine till the party -ha ha



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