Friday, August 20, 2010

A very quiet week...

Well I've had a really quiet week haven't done much at all but here are a couple of photo's
to check out anyway.
Arn't they lovely
-these are from my work letting me know they are thinking of me while I am sick.Thanks

Isn't he so cute .
Butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.
Yeah right...
But he is ours and I love him...

Whoa don't get too excited but I bought a new mop and bucket.

This is a layout I did about Lisa and me .Inspiration from kim arnold i found this on her blog.i will post a better photo later.

My wonderful mum has started my new blanket,the colours are brown centres-dusty pink flowers and cream background.
Love you mum x You are the best.

And lastly mum and John's little boy Pedro shows off his new coat we bought him.
Pedro you look like a rap star..So cool

Anyway that's it for the week........HANG ON *******   STOP *****
I forgot to tell you this
Don't know yet whether it is a good idea or bad but considering that today was my first day off and I was sick all day ,freezing temperature,and not to mention my stupid legs so maybe it is a good thing.

Oh well only time will tell



  1. Thanks Aunty Deidre for my lovely coat. Love you from

  2. Congrats on the resignation. As one door closes and another opens, its now time for you to look after yourself Dee.


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