Friday, August 27, 2010

What we have been up to.

Well I didn't think there had been much happening but I have some photos to show you anyway.

On a medical note I saw my Professor on Wednesday and now I have to have a -cat scan.Seems my so called broken nose(Diagnosis by Dr Sid ha ha) may be part of some other disease he wants to check out.

Only good thing is it shouldn't be what he thinks as it usually dosn't come with mixed connective tissue -but then again I have had  things I shouldn't have all along so he just wants to rule it out.CRAP CRAP CRAP

OK he are some photos....
Here is the page of Lisa and I again -I hope you can see it better.

This is the stick we bought Kevin's friend who is turning 60.We thought it was a bit boring so added
some  bits to it to jazz it up .

We put a pink horn on it. A little  flashlight-reflectors down the front.   And what all Old Men need a steel stubby holder with his name on it. It came with the dirty old man mirror to look up dresses etc Anyway Happy Birthday Terry hope you enjoyed it.

This was taken on Sunday .I have gone potty for spring ha ha  and just wanted to add a bit of colour to the garden and a couple of pots but it costs a lot to be a nature loving freak -what you see here is almost $300 so I don't think I will be turning green for a long time.
PS Aidan had fun though-I don't know how the plants survived with all the love he gave them,

I love these saucer pots and purple pansy's so how can I go wrong......
Oh yeah I forgot  I have a dog and Aidan that's how ha ha

You can't see the pansy in the watering can but they are there and then little hearties in the bottom corner.

This is the new urn we got (I think I must be turning Greek or something )but I love it.

More pansy's -bad photo thanks to the husband.Can't say to much as he helped (almost did it all)with the gardens ,,Wonderful man that he is,

Ever tried cooking with a devil 3 year old...DON"T......ha ha

So cute but watch what you are doing Aidan.....AIDAN I said watch what you are doing,End result tasted like truck tryes.

Thursday -Kevin set up the little fellas train set in the spare room(this is temporary boys until I find the bed for this room remember TEMPORARY)
Aidan  (and Kev) loved it.

I thought I would show you the size needle I am using for the throw rug i am making
.The little one is a 3.50mm just your normal size,the large one is a size 15mm-mmmm  YEP that's what I thought.

And this is the rug -2 yarns crochet together-One a 12 ply the other 8 ply .I have only done around 16  rows but is is so warm it will be great when it's finished just to cover your legs while sitting.

On Thursday Kev took these photos at the Cubby House.Apparently on Monday  they brought these cuties in and they have only started hatching -Aidan like these fellas.
The problem was on Monday -one of the girls dressed up as a chicken and was singing the chicken dance.Aidan does not like this and was very freaked out.
How can this be with me as his Auntie.Am I not loud strut around yak yak yak -well maybe my little demon boy is showing his soft side,

So see you chicken Bye Aidan
dee xx


  1. Very cute photos, loved all the garden pots & plants. what a good little helper Aidan is.
    Mum xxx

  2. The garden looks lovely, you'll really enjoy it in the coming months.

  3. The next time you come up, we'll have to let Aidan collect the eggs.


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