Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's my Party....

Well party day finally here .
Food looks good too bad it's not a great photo.
Nana and Dee are very tired -so is Da he and Nana fixed up my present last night.

Singing me Happy Birthday -My friend Milly.Anneliese and Tyler
Let's Party..............

You are funny Nana.
Happy Birthday to me ..
The 3 of us...


  1. Happy 3rd Birthday to Aidan
    Love you heaps, from Nan & Pop xxx

  2. Dee and Da certainly put on a wonderful day for you, along with Nana young man or should I call you "tiger". You are a very much loved little boy Aidan, we are so glad you had a great 3rd Birthday. Love from Uncle Ross and Auntie Deb xxxx


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