Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nana's Blanket

Aidan is  one lucky little boy.I sent down to my wonderful mum this pattern for a quilt for him,Anyway we decided on the colours and I sent down some wool just to see how it goes and BANG she is off and crocheting .My mother is the world's best knitter etc and I am not just blowing it out my hat .When the grandkids were little she did all their jumpers etc anyway back to the blanket,When mum came up for her visit she brings it with her to finish it,I think it is stunning .Aidan loves it...So big thanks Mum...Oh hey Mum now you have finished Aidan's will you start on my one ???

Nana can you find me..I am hiding NANA.....

Oh I am sooo cute and warm in my new blanket.


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  1. I'm glad Aidan loves his blanket & yes I've started on your blanket. Love you Mum xxx


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