Sunday, August 29, 2010

Out of the mouth's of babes- 1

Just wanted to give you all a chuckle on some of the (there is no word for it) stuff that comes out of Aidan's mouth.

This is pouty face.I love this pose -photo was taken Christmas in July 2010.

* We were listening to Sunrise one morning this week and they were showing shorts of different mini concerts they have had .Well Justin Biever came on (16yr idiot) singing and the next thing you know here's Aidan  singing "Baby baby oooh"he wouldn't stop loves it....

*Aidan had to stay at Kev's mum last night well he was happy about going then he said "we have to go Nana is waiting for me" sure she probably was hiding ha ha

* Aidan's favorite man at the moment is the helicopter traffic controller....""ooh ooh helicopter man "

                                   more as I think of them
                                                                         dee xx


  1. Justin Beiver, please. Of all the songs he could sing. You may have to use subliminal messaging, while he is asleep, play AC/DC all night.


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