Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Playing hookie

Well Kev had an rdo today so we thought yeah lets play hookie and go to the movies.

Kev took the boy to school while I raced around  and cleaned up the house did some washing.

Then off we went for our DATE...

What a unreal time we had ...The movie was Disney's "the Sorcerers Apprentice"
It was good.You know the type of movie  where you just sit back and relax and enjoy it.

I don't know how he did it but at 10.30am Kev was eating a choc top ice cream.Weird

When we go to movies he requests every time a choc top ice cream -popcorn and some sort of chocolate.
Oh well he deserves it putting up with me.ha ha

Anyway it was wonderful to forget about doctors, work and the boy for a couple of hours.It is nice just to be kev & dee  although I did miss the boy but don't tell kev.

Then it was back to reality......

Off to the doctors again to get a blood test request for me.More pills for me..And Kev's results from his blood test the other day.
Ouch I didn't like them.His cholesterol is high other than that he is ok.So he (we) are going to watch what we eat.

So tonight for dinner I made chicken & sweet potatoes.So yummy -I will even eat the baby spinach,
This is the easiest meal to make.I'm sorry I don't do measurments real well.Just look at it and add to it -you can't go wrong.

Chop sweet potatoes -drizzle some olive oil and some  minced garlic in a baking dish add potatoes -cook

When potatoes are almost cooked add chopped chicken breast and -almond dukkah.It is some sort of spice and it can be bought in Woolies or Coles and is nice in salads or on potatoes etc.

When all cooked put in a dish with some baby spinach -yum.
I make a dressing with pure cream- 1 teaspoon horseradish and 1 teaspoon seeded mustard,
Truly this is such a fast easy meal you will love it.

                    Even Aidan eats it.He wanted me to take his photo to show he is a good boy.who ate  his dinner.

Now for the secret room......

This was a bedroom which already had a small built in .So we made a new built in with double doors going straight across the wall.
So if you can understand me the secret room is actually a secret L room-since it is L shape.

The open part of the room is now a office.The serect room is for craft supplies party bits and pieces presents for the future and junk.
But don't forget the junk because anyone knows this is the best part,

 Room isn't finished yet.   Plastering etc to go but at least it gives you an idea.

The photo on the right shows how you turn to go into the oringal wardrobe.
Yes this is tidy..

dee x


  1. Tried the recipe & it's yummy. Your secret room looks very tidy, it's a wonder that Aidan does not go in there(heaps to play with & hidden treasures that little boys would love)


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