Sunday, September 26, 2010

My little Tadpole

Well Spring  really is here.

Today I was spring cleaning Aidan's room and Kev was working doing the yards.Well Aidan decided to take his clothes off and go for a swim.

Now before I go on I have to tell you I am a good mum and If my kids ever get hurt I will be there for them in a flash.

         WELL.....I kinda didn't  today  because I was doubled up laughing.
You see Aidan was naked standing on the back deck when Bonnie our pug dog came along-
now she is just the right height and well Aidan was flashing his private bits  so Bonnie decided she was going to have  them .Aidan was yelling for me to come and for Bonnie to go away and I was cracking up watching this truly funny scene.

Sorry Aidan -next time I will be there.

Any way we put his knickers back on to stop temptation and boy the tadpole was back.

At first he didn't want to go in the pool so Kev (being the good dad that he is )  (hey i should talk ha ha ) picked him up and threw  him in well that was all it needed.2 hours later we dragged him out he was shivering but wanted to keep swimming.

PS -Aidan still has all his bits no  thanks to me....

I'm not shivering ....

And after a long day of sun and swimming I need a vegemite sandwich and a drink of juice.



  1. Aidan certainly loves the water & he's growing soooooo fast.
    love mum xxx

  2. That would have been so hilarious, pity you didn't get it on video, you would have had a winner. You'll never keep him out of the pool now, with the weather warming up.


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