Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hospital Visit.

Well there has been another hospital visit today but not one that you would be expecting.....

Today Baby ,Geoffrey and Pam had to go to hospital for repairs from being loved a bit too hard by Aidan.....
Don't cry Baby -I will sew your arms and legs back on..

Look at Geoffrey and Pam in the waiting room.
Geoffrey needs his appendix out-(hole in his tummy).Pam is having a nose job.Aidan ripped out (ouch) one of her nostrils.
Please note my friend Harry (my sewing machine) also please note how old he is that is why we are getting a new one.
 Sorry Harry don't listen can't upset him I have had him around 20 yrs..Well done Harry..

We thought after the hospital  that all 3 would be exhausted.
So all 3 were sent off to the day spa.
Here they are enjoying a nice warm spa...

Then it was off  for a  refreshing  time in the sauna....

Hopefully they will be home when Aidan finishes school...Can't wait to see his face he really misses his friends.

Then when I was leaving the day spa I looked over to my garden and my daises were putting on a beautiful show...

I love purple and white flowers.Daisy's are on my favorite list..
These just seem so Spring makes me want to get better and not hide inside and sleep but to go outside and do things.

Yes mum yes Kevin I will take  it easy but I am going to get better I can feel it...

dee xxx

PS -- no drugs were used (any more than normal)  while writing this blog ha ha

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  1. I'm glad that you take care of all the babies even the little stuffed ones. Yes you will get better every day and the garden looks beautiful.
    Makes me want to go & plant some flowers in my garden. Love you Mum xxx


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