Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm back...

Well I am back ,I haven't felt like doing anything this past week but sleep.
 I feel crap and tired-I just feel like it is all to hard but then I realise there is always someone worse off then me and that gives me the kick in my ****  so life goes on.

So what has been happening over here,

Surprise surprise I did some shopping....I know that shocks you but how could I resist..

                                              This little cutie is for my kitchen.

I love this little stand and I put  a ceramic pear inside it,

Oh no they are breeding ,birds everywhere.

I just fell in love with this birdhouse .You can't see properly but it has a bird in it as well
The weird thing is -I hate real birds-yuk they scare me but give me a birdhouse or little ornament and I love it.


Our dear friends Alan & Lisa came over for tea on Saturday night and brought their niece Jahnaya with them,
Now Jahnaya is Autistic but you should have seen her and Aidan running around together-chasing each other it was beautiful.
She doesn't talk at present but it will all change now as she now lives with her nana (long story) and is now attending a different school.No talking  but boy she was communicating with Aidan and she understood everything we said to her.I was really happy that when they left I asked Jaynaya to give me a kiss bye bye Well she came over to me and let me give her a kiss not once but twice made me feel 10 foot high.
The next day Aidan asked if Naya was coming over to play .Well Naya you made an impression on my little man ha ha  .

This was the boy on Sunday ,
Boy he was worn out.....Slept like this for almost 2 hours.
One minute he was watching tv the next zzzzzzzzz

dee x

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  1. I love the photo of Jahnaya, kids have a language all their own & it's great that Aidan & Jahnayha got on so well.
    Your birds look beautiful, very arty farty aren't you.
    love mum xxx


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