Sunday, September 26, 2010

Spring flowers.

Today after Kevin was working on the yards I was looking at my beautiful flowers.
The smell from the jasmine was so sweet I loved it.
It really makes me want to get well so I can go down into the garden and  weed etc-at the moment Kev is doing it,Don't get me wrong I didn't dig the holes for the plants or heavy work but I would help trim and weed and do the mulching --most of the time I would love to water the plants and grass and  anyone else(kevin) who came my way...

So now I am going to bore you as well and show you some plants ha ha

Can you see my church birdhouse.Gee I love my Jasmine...

Love my May Bush.

Love it love it Love it...........

And I found this little fella in my grass .Isn't he cute.

dee x


  1. Your garden is looking just beautiful.You are my inspiration, I have now planted some spring annuals, and looking forward to them flowering.


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