Sunday, September 5, 2010

My new Blanket.

As every one knows Mum is making me a new crotchet rug,
I chose this pattern because with the colours I want it will have that vintage look to it .

I can't wait to get it here -so Mum took a photo as an update to show me (she did it just to make me droll)(yes I am )how it is going along -GOING ???? it is beautiful -thanks mum I love you

I told you it's beautiful.
love dee xxx


  1. I love you to, that's why I'm doing it for you. Love Mum xxx

  2. I just love this, it's really beautiful and the colours are very yummy.

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  4. Hi, it looks gorgeous! I am currently doing hexagon florals just like your Mom's project, but I have absolutely no idea on how to finish it... I 'm just working on it from day to day, striving to finish off my stash of yarn. :D


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