Saturday, September 11, 2010

Just thinking out loud.

Well it's not bad not bad I may go to bed early after all.

But I bet I will be up around 3 am and then that's it for the night and no more sleep.

 Anyway the reason for this blog entry is I have been thinking (yeah yeah bring on the jokes-yeah that was what that loud noise was-- ha ha ha ) No but I have,

I was watching The Circle today and they were talking about random acts of kindness.

I was intrigued by this concept because I don't mind and we do it quite alot -give or do things to people we know for no reason other than we can and we know that they  want it and deserve it,Also it gives us pleasure knowing they are happy and that is payment enough.

But those people know it is from us.

I just want to give to a total stranger and not let on who did it -that way I can selfishly be happy that I have done something and only I (kev as well) know who did it.
Or maybe even go a step further and do it for a stranger .Now that scares and excites me ...

So my dilemma at the moment is what do I do? Who gets it?.

Kev said not to think about it too hard when the opportunity comes up I/We will know  " WE GOT ONE"............. and do it.

I know everyone says this but if we all just did something nice for someone think of all those good feelings going around and maybe things will know a kinda pay it forward type thing.

Oh God I think I need to cut back on my painkillers I am beginning to sound like my hippie sister (yuck) ha ha .

No I don't feel that way -I am just happy to be doing something rather than just talking about it.

                                                       I feel good
                                                                       dee x
Ps Went to bed till 3.00am but was too cold so watched tv in bed.Lucky Kev is heavy sleeper or maybe he was just drunk ha ha and he didnt hear a thing.

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  1. I think it's a great idea. Maybe pay for something for some one At the checkout. There would be heaps of things that you could do. I'm sure that we will all be thinking about what we can do for some one.
    Love mum xxx


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