Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Week this week

What an update -sorry it's a long one but it's a good one- 

So here is how the week went.

What a nice day sun shining birds singing oh well they could be but  I am not going to go and check.ha ha,

Today we are going to our nephew's Trey's 1st birthday party.
I should have made some more things instead of being slack Auntie Dee but I did do some cupcakes-Kev said they look like a carton of Trey's.(like a carton of eggs) Me I don't see it.

He is sooooooo cute.
So we stayed at the party for awhile then naturally I got sick and needed to come home .Happy Birthday Trey love Auntie Dee& Aidan xxx

Proud Uncle.
Happy Birthday little mate love Uncle Kev xxx

Happy families -Tony,Clare Zeke and birthday boy Trey. .

Yum cake..

Zeke and Aidan playing.

What a good boy wiping your hands and face clean when you came home from the party..
.Check out the tongue.
How nice is this Brie sent a couple of pictures of Darling Anneliese -she is so like Brie was when she was a  little girl ,Makes me realize how much I miss Jan...Oh God I wish she was here with me to laugh with and watch our girls grow up..I know she is happy where she is but what about me and the girls?
Regardless Annelise is a beautiful little soul and Jan would be so proud. 

Well this has been a weird week, been sick but that is natural  all I want to do is curl up and die but we got a phone call from my Professor who said I needed an iron infusion as my HE was down to 70 ,So off we went to my doctor to get a referral to go to hospital 

Then  Kev said something smug that rubbed me wrong and I thought I'll get you back-  so I said to our doctor that Kev needs to be tested for prostate cancer and he should do it now as we where here- and better now than never.

Well the look on Kev's face PRICELESS,

Anyway now they just do a blood test and that will let us know how things are.Ironic though I later heard it was National Prostate Awareness Day.

So up we went to hospital (although I did some shopping first he he ) and I was admitted this was around 12.00pm. I had to have blood test after talking to this inbreed doctor then finally around 5.00pm they took me to a bed in emergency short stay,
Well they didn't start the drip till 11.30pm so by this time (I was really pissed off) I had read my book by Monica McInterney.
Great book.It is a few short stories but enjoyable..So try it you won't regret it.

Finished some work on my rug.I only took a ball and a bit of wool .

So at 4.30am the drip and constant blood pressure tests -nausea and being cold-taking my temperture (like you can't even sleep through all the interuptions)was finally finished, 
They said I could go home or wait till morning around 7.00am to be picked up.
Forget that I was already on the phone to Kev to come get me.

good bye my pain machine for the last 5 hours,
So for the next few days including today I feel like crap Blah blah blah.

Sunday Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all the dad's in our lives.
Aidan gave Kev his card and was like Happy Fathers day Da all the time opening the card before he could give it to da-who bye the way had already opened (he didn't let us wrap it)last night,
So to my Darling husband here are a couple of photos of you the family man....
The boys and Kev.Karl Mitchell and Ashley
They changed didn't they...Kevin is more handsome now. xxx

With your daughter Kerry.

Aidan and Da

Kev I love you .You had 3 boys then got a daughter by marriage and now a little demon.
Thanks for loving Kerry Aidan  and me  we have the best and couldn't ask for better
 -dee xxxx

This is Kev's present don't ask me what it is .All I know is he wanted it.

Now here are some more important  dads in our life.

A Dad and his Lad
cute the sandals Kevin

Like father like son-both good men.

Poppys are to play with

or to help bow out candles,

I love  my Pop always...

Grandads are for fun and loving.

Even Godfathers love you.Me and Uncle Alan.

Happy Fathers Day Dads



  1. You've certainly had a very interesting week.
    Mum xxx

  2. I'm sure that Jan is looking down on her girls & would be very proud of them. Annelise looks like she is trying to catch the sun. Such a beautiful photo. Love mum xxx


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