Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our weekend...

Well I got some  much needed sleep early this morning so thank goodness .

So this morning Kev dropped me off at Westfeilds  while he took Aidan swimming so I could get a few things and have a look around without the boy.BLISS

Sorry Kev some things I bought  weren't  on the list he he he........

I just loved this candle handle so it came home with me...where it is now hanging happily in the lounge room.

This is cheating got these laterns  the other weekend but kept forgetting to put them out.I now need to get some citronella candles for them..

This was a must have .I wanted a knitting bag and couldn't find anything except a real tacky one from spotlight...Then I saw this how yum...

And lastly even though we both love our music we never end up buying it.Maybe we are too old he he he
All our Cd's are old records that we have replaced or the odd gift from each other.

Well we both love these bands-I went to get the AC/DC for fathers day for Kevin but they had sold out.
So I saw these and thought yep buy them.I don't regret it as they both sound awesome.Now I sound like Molly Meldrum...

Saturday night Batman made an appearance ,Tough looking Beware bad man the new Batman is in town. He just can't fill his suit yet... but he looks cute though.

Sunday thought I would try something new.
This breakfast was in the Coles magazine,
The only thing missing was the pesto toast and Kev said Yuk.

Kev enjoyed it but not too leen on the tomatoes he like his eggs soft and you have to bake these.

Then I know this is hard to believe but I got a fever and slept for a few hours in the afternoon.

When I woke Aidan wanted me to take photos of him and making bubbles...if you look carefully you can see a bubble in the photo.Aidan is a bit slow blowing them(bubbles) but we got one....

Then Miss Bonnie wanted her photo taken ....

The ballerina Miss Bonnie...

The snorting grunting dribbling Miss Bonnie...

Then Kev was watering some plants around the pool and it was just too nice not to have a photo of.Wish you could smell this-freshly mown grass  -beautiful...

I am determine to start on my craft tomorrow.   I wrote a list of all the things I need to make before christmas and had heart failure.So tommorrow I tidy the secret room (whoa that is something different to see) then a crafting I will go

Well that's it .
dee x


  1. Batman looks great & the garden looks even better. Kevin should learn not to let you shop alone.......Love Mum xxx

  2. Batman might like to see the imposter Batman at Movieworld if you come up around Christmas.
    Ross and I would love to take him.
    You have a secret room, how do I get one of those.
    I have taken a leaf out of your book, I planted some pansies last weekend, they are just starting to show some flowers and what a great idea, do something for someone anonymously. Love Deb xxx


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