Sunday, September 26, 2010

Meeting my new niece...

Well on Saturday we went up the coast so we could see our new little niece...

OMG talk about little I mean Aidan was 4lb something and then Kerry was 9lb but you forget .Makayla is sooooo little (5lb 10oz) that the stork I made was a bit big but we are going up again in 2 weeks so she hopefully  will have filled out a little...

I was pleased with the other photos   I took. So here are some to check out

This is my nephew his partner -their son Tyler who is 4 and now Miss Makayla.

This is the stork  but bub is too little.

We tried to hold her up from the bottom... like I said will try again in a couple of weeks.
She still looks cute though.

This is the dolls tutu I bought..and it was still big,

This is cute but didn't turn out how I wanted it.

This is my favorite photo...Angelic...

Love it..

No I think I like this one best..........

Love this one as well.
I made the name sign last night.
Kate loves butterfly's and wants to put butterfly's all over her room.

Can't not show a picture of proud Auntie and Uncle...

.Although next time I will make sure to brush my hair (NOT)ha ha

What a good baby just sleeped through it all.
This is another fairy skirt I foundI love black/white photo's..

I was wrong.I love this one.She looks like a little doll.And no I don't mean a cabbage patch doll either ha ha

Hope you liked looking at these photos of Makayla I couldn't choose which one to put on that's why there is a few

dee x

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  1. The photos are wonderful, you & Kevin do a great job. She is just so tiny. I love the 1 of Daniel holding her in his hands. The black & white are beautiful also
    I'm a really pround Mother, Nanny & great grand ma. Love you
    Mum xxx


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