Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm Back

Gee  I didn't realise that it has been ages  since I have done this-

I mean we have been doing normal everyday things and me well "surprise surprise" I have been ill again.

So let me show you what has been happening I will do this in a few posts so you don't get bored.....

How's this for starters .

Aidan came home from daycare with lovely painted green toes.

Why did you do that Aidan?.

I paint them like my Dee toes.God I hope mine don't look like these.ha ha

We have trouble getting Aidan to eat sometimes I mean he will eat junk and fruit  but getting him to sit down and eat  a snack meal is different.

Enter Chef Kev .

He made "soldiers"( soft boiled eggs and toast cut into 3 pieces) and what happens?
HE EATS IT... I mean he really eats it - all of it .

And then the next day he had soldiers for breakfast then he wanted them for tea ( I drew the line here he will be growing feathers next ) but at least I am glad that Chef Kev found something for him to eat.

dee  x


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