Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Here are a couple of photo's of 2 layouts I made this week...and a fix up add on to another layout.

The first one was taken at Katoomba when Kev and I started going out,We went up to The 3 sisters for a drive and then boys being boys decided to climb this rock.

I love this photo.

Now this next layout is also a favorite picture of Aidan.It shows him as an innocent little 2 yr boy.

Now I bought these papers when they first came out from Fred the Needle  I had big ideas of what I was going to do with it,

Crap I had no idea what I was going to do I just loved the paper (same excuse as the cupboard full of paper in the serect room)

Then one day I went into Fred's and thank you  Tracey  she had used these papers and made this beautiful layout that I have copied.
Check out her site she does such beautiful work I love it,

Fantastic isn't it-thanks again Tracey.

Now here is the fix up one of Kerry.

I added some bits on to it and took some off.    I love it .

dee  x


  1. You are a very talented lady, where do you find the time.They look great. Love you
    Mum xxx

  2. They look Awesome Dee such a great photo of Aiden. Well done. Will have to put my thinking cap on for some more inspiration.


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