Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hats and bums...

The little man isn't too happy at the moment.

For the last 2 years he has worn the same blue hat  at daycare every time they went outside etc...He knows this hat and recognizes his name on it....

Well now they want us to buy a new hat so the kids can recognize their own hat ,

Aidan likes his new hat but doesn't want it for school...(looks cute hey ...)
So now we just wait till he likes it. He is taking it to school though..So it's up to the teachers now ha ha

                                              So  Welcome to the real world mate....enjoy

                   Now the little fellow embarrassed me yesterday while shopping.

I gave him my shopping list to play with and he was " reading it" .

So I thought I would play along with him so I said "what else to we need to get mate"

Then in a nice LOUD CLEAR voice he replied "paper towel so  I can wipe my  bum on it "

 I wish  I could have shrivelled up on the spot and died.
People were looking at me everywhere.So what did I do instead-

 I just said "OK" and grabbed a 3 pack...lots of wiping ha ha ha


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  1. The joys of motherhood. All
    Mums out there would be able to relate with you.


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