Monday, October 25, 2010

Garden time

                    Well it's Spring and I love seeing the garden coming on so well.

And yesterday gave us a nice surprise as Kevin spotted our 1st Agapanthus spike to show through for  this season.

       I love Agapanthus they are my all time favorite flowers (next to lavender and pansies)ha ha ,

When Kerry was little she called them Jesus flowers because another name for these is "Star of Bethlehem" (makes them sound more regal doesn't it.)

I sound like a gardening nerd and I am not by a long shot.I just know what I like and where it has to go to be right.Drives Kevin mad -but yes he did marry MRS RIGHT middle name ALWAYS-ha ha ha I am so funny any way back to my Agapanthus-

I even had a garden put in  next to the pool when we had the pool put in just for some Agapanthus..

We even had them on our wedding cake.Purple or White I don't care I just love Agapanthus..


So now that I am in a Spring mood-Because let me tell you it was really hard for me to get down the stairs and take these photos.But I am trying a new thing -Thinking positive -yeah yeah yeah I know everyone has been telling me this one but unless you are ready for it (I wasn't) it goes on deaf ears(sorry Mum sorry Kerry)

So here is the front garden everything growing fine here.I hate these structured gardens I love my gardens to be messy everything mixing up together-Looks so good _But we are happy with the look here.


Oh I love my wine barrel full of lavender -smells heavenly.

This is a view of the back yard looking down towards the house from the pool.Can you believe that these trees only  were as tall as Kevin's thigh and they are 3 yrs old now.Oh and the garden is all clay from the pool with just a bit of (lots of) mulch....

This is a weird weed called Bonnie .Can't get rid of her .She follows me around till she sees Aidan then off they go "the terrible duo"...

Kev must have worked hard out here -2 beer bottles Gardening is very thirsty work didn't you know.

Oh and check out this little precious flower.
How sweet yet strong to grow in the rock crease and be able to survive.

Sounds like me Sweet yet Tough.........

    Come on it wasn't that funny that you fell off your chair laughing.But one thing is right though I am going to get tougher and bet this illness and I will survive.

dee xx

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