Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Merry Christmas Kerry

 You know I told you my sewing machine is like dying.- well I decided to get Kerry a sewing machine for Christmas ( she said she would like to do a sewing course and learn to sew. Well you know me I wanted to help her  so I said we will get her the machine for christmas,)

Well I have been looking around (so I knew what prices different models were going for ) and on Saturday Kerry came over to spend some time with just me (yeah it was great),

So we went shopping and let me tell you it killed me..(but it was worth it to spend time with Kez).My legs were so sore and she kept saying "are you ok mum" and brave little (ok I mean big) soilder  that I am said 'No i am fine "and we continued on .

I was like dead man walking.

Anyway I needed some fabric so we went to the fabric  shop where I didn't have to walk  too far and then I saw it ...............
Birds sang Angels danced (God my legs must really hurt I am seeing things)ha ha

I couldn't resist ......So Merry Christmas Kerry ..(oh I got one as well  so Merry Christmas Dee Yeah.......)


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  1. Good young Mum that you are.
    Now when Kerry visits you can both sit & sew together.
    Love you heaps Mum xxx


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