Friday, October 8, 2010

Scrap from the past.

HI just wanted to show a few of my favorite things I have made this year.

Bit boring for some but  I wanted to show my mum a few of them  that she hasn't see.


Just a little wing album for a friend...The album comes with 5 pages but I only use 2....

Oh God this is me about 9 months pregnant....

Aidan the tiger...

My girl never wears a dress so we had to do this to remember her in one ha ha

Little 4yr old Kerry..

Kevin's parents were married 50yrs this year so I made this as a guest book -the signing pages were after these but they are boring so I thought I would save you ..

My demon boy...

My mum-beautiful isn't she xxx

This is a wedding album I made my mum and dad  from an acrylic album I bought.

I really love this and the colours...Lucky for me mum loves it too.he he he

The boy turns one ...

I love Kerry and this page....My all time favorite I think.

I had my dad cut these out for me for our Pink Breakfast at work.You put a message on the back and give to someone in need.

thanks for looking I hope you didn't get too bored

dee xxx

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  1. They are all so beautiful, I don't know which one that I like the most. Eerything you do is just so perfect. I love you, Mum xxx


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