Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Superman visit.

We had a visitor today .      


                         He is able to jump over a small fat pug dog in a single jump...

More powerful  than all the teletubbies put together..

Faster than a bubble floating through the air.....

Superman can even bounce bubbles off him and they don't hurt so who needs bullets...
Well Superman it's time to come inside and have a bath.
Even superheroes get dirty .....


Now anyone who knows me knows that when I get my mind set on something


I can't wait and think of nothing else till I have it..

Well I have seen in blogland at party's where they use large jars with taps on the bottom to serve punch or lemonade or water in.
They looked fantastic,

I wanted one ..........I needed one.......... I WANT ONE NOW.....

Well I finally found one up the coast in a little home wares shop and I got it for $40.

One very happy lady.


Then I became one sad lady..

A new home ware shop has opened near us so I went in for a look.
You know -when you are looking but don't know what you are looking for except that when you see it you will know it.

Well I saw it ..

It was my glass jar with tap.........Same one...Except that  this one was $20.

So now there is  one very happy lady who has 2 jars with taps.

Husband just shook his head

dee x

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  1. Superman may fly here anytime that he wants to.
    He looks sooooo cute.
    I love the water jug, it's beautiful.
    Poor Kevin, how he survives with you I'll never know. That's LOVE..
    Love you Mum xxxx


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