Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr C

Well today (Sunday) we went to see our best friends for Alan's 50th birthday.

We had a great visit.  Great friends Great food and like Kev and Alan say Great beer.ha ha

Lisa's mum was there so we finally got to meet her and of course she brought Jahnayha.

She is such a little cutie (Jahnayha) she remembered me and Aidan which was a good feeling so I got a couple of kisses.

Poor little thing though Uncle Alan was showing Jahnaya and Aidan the fish in his pond when poor Princess J fell in....OHHH.We kept telling him he pushed her in ha ha

Anyway Lisa has a fantastic surprise for him.He thinks they are going to Canberra tomorrow for a week when in fact Lisa has booked a trip to Fiji-she will let him know on the way to the airport so" Bulla "

When Aidan was writing on the card he started counting the candles on it.Well he got to 15
and said "Uncle Alan has too many candles"  ha ha

Cake was yum...Lisa made it NOT ha ha

Paddle pops are paddle pops no matter where you are from ......Kids seem to just  get along without any drama.

Look at these 2.Just love them xx

We were talking to Aidan and said what a good little boy he was with Jahnaya (he played and shared without whingeing)and we said "you have to help Jahnaya she is special so be a good boy and be her friend and help her"

Thought it went ok -this is Aidans reply.
" yeah cause she can't eat paddle pops properly"

So its true kids don't care about the crap they just see each other as friends....

Happy 50th Birthday Alan may the next 50 be just as great.

dee x


  1. Happy 50th Birthday to Allan. He'll have a great holiday & what a lovely suprise.
    Love mum xxx

  2. It's a shame that adults don't think the same way towards other people as children, how much better the world would be. They look so cute together.
    Love mum xxx


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