Sunday, October 31, 2010

What a great Sunday .

It's Sunday -Sun is shining birds are singing (yeah yeah get the idea) well it is just a nice day  and I thought I would share some of the things we got up to today.

Firstly I decided to dress the little man as a pirate and take some photos of him in the garden,,

ARR ARR it's hard to be cute and still be a Pirate...

Now where did I put my boat Arrr!

I am looking for my boat....

Check out my sword-even though it is upside down I am still a scary pirate Arr my Mateys....

We even did some craft .Here is the little man painting some Christmas Santa's.

Check out the colours,It was real hard for me to hold back and let him do it himself and not tell him how to paint it or put this colour here or there,

.But I am so happy I did as he was so proud of his work.

Next the little man dressed as a good wizard for Halloween,

Even a good wizard need to watch tv before they  trick or treat........

Gill and Milly called over for Trick or Treat and as you can tell from the above photo the Little man is more 
interested in his lolly's than being a good wizard,

Miss Milly looked pretty good-(love the smile and the missing teeth )

And lastly here is my front door with the skeleton on it,

This is suppose to be scary and let the kids know "we support Halloween so come here for treats" Well that is what I said in the below post,
and guess what ?


We have had 10 kids come tonight for treats YEAH......They were so cute all of them.

I love Pritt glue but Fred's don't have it anymore as it is  discontinued.

So i spent a couple of hours ringing up different stores over Australia for it .Still nothing and still same story.
So I thought i would try eBay to see if they had any ,I was like possessed and couldn't live without it.

 Well guess what * YES I found some*-In Great Britain  -so I bought all 4  of them and with the exchange rate and postage it still cost me less than if I bought them at Fred's.Sorry Fred.

dee xx


  1. Aidan makes a really cute wizard. Just think in another couple of years you'll be doing treat or treat walking the neighbourhood with him.
    I think that he did very well with his painting. Must have been so hard for you not to help.
    Love Mum xxxx

  2. Dee... you should try the helmar 450 quick dry...seriously it's awesome better than pritt and you get to use the whole lot! doesn't dry up in the tube!!!


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