Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cheeky boy.

Can you belive it .It is not a real hot today and Aidan wants to swim in the pool...

Kev said ok  so off he went ...And swam like a duck for over an hour....

Cute wedgie hey....

Mum also sent me down my newest props for baby photos.They are called nests.Looks unreal.
Can't wait to take some photo's of Makayla  next week. I tried to make these but couldn't work out the pattern (apparently it is made like a beanie huh! that helps ha ha )so off it went to dear mummy.....I know mum will just whip it out for me(and she did)

Thanks mum love you 


My baby nests...


  1. I still think they look like a beanie. I'm sure that you'll prove me wrong when you put Makayla into one.
    Love the wedgie on Aidan.
    Love Mum xxx

  2. These are cute, but will have to see the baby in them to get the full picture.


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