Sunday, October 31, 2010

What's new this week

Well the little boy is growing so fast  I can't believe it.I had a stash of my favorite osh kosh shoes put away for him in the next few sizes up.I thought they would last for at least another year...

 Due to the little growth spurt we have just had we  decided to go shoe shopping.(Kevin was made to come ha ha )

                          Big Mistake.

Taking a grumpy 3yr boy and a even grumpier 46yr shopping -it doesn't work...Next time I will go myself to avoid  them.

Well I did manage to get a couple of pairs..he he he
And yes they are name brands - I don't believe in kids wearing cheap shoes all day everyday at school  (pre school for the little man ) they can waer cheapies on weekends or special dress up shoes.You need to look after their little feet hence the brand names,  So I got 3 pairs in different sizes  and hopefully they will last a while this time.


I went into Grace Bros during the week and found my favorite shoes for him in a size I was looking for so SNAP got them...

So yeah 4 pairs of shoes for a little man I better be careful I think he is going to take after his cousin Kerry and she takes after her Nana(who is like a women possessed  with shoes and bags-it has skipped a generation though)ha ha  

                 So Kevin if you read this it was all my  mum's fault about the shoes not mine.
She is corrupting my kids ha ha ha .(love you mum)xx

I got a wonderful surprise this week .

I went into Fred's to get something,And I ended up with a gift from Tracey.

Tracey made me this bunting,
I was stunned -no one ever does craft for me I guess cause I am very fussy when it comes to craft  but I truly was so happy with this.Even the colours were perfect.

Thanks so much Tracy this is beautiful and is hanging in my office as we speak.

So do yourself a favour and check out Tracey's  blog it is sooo good.

Well this week I went looking for something and couldn't find it so what did I do???

I went mental and thrashed my secrect room looking for it.

No I mean thrashed it....No box went un opened.

Before.......Yes underneath all that crap is my computer and phones etc...

After very neat hey.....

Hey there is a desk and a computer in here.I can see lots of things except the book  that started all of this was in my bedroom while all this was going on....

Now  is the face that butter wouldn't melt in my mouth right?


For some reason when we take little man's picture at the moment  and ask him to smile -this is what we now get....


Just wanted to show you the photo again   as he is soooo cute.

Yummmm lollies.Note the new shoes..mmmm except they are still a bit big but he will grow into them,

Well I had to show him  the lollies we got in case we get trick or treaters this year.

Some years  we do others years no,

I have a poor little skeleton on my door so the kids will think' yeah lollies in there' or think why be bothered check out old bones on the door -So who knows what will happen.

Little man said this is his new Good Witch hat..

more Halloween and week photo's after I find the little man he is too quiet to be behaving so I am going searching .

Wish me luck.........
dee xx

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  1. Your secret room looks wonderful. Isn't it nice that you can blame your mother for things, (shoes in general)You are just as bad as Kerry & I are with shoes & you are now spreading it to Aidan.
    I love Aidan in the witch's hat but shouldn't he be a devil...Love mum xxx


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