Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I Love Spray paint

                  Don't you just love spray paint?

I have only recently discovered it for home wares -for crafts no problems love it and use it all the  time.

For home wares NO you don't spray something you just bought or have just because the colour is wrong or DO YOU ????

Well I have seen the light (and no it wasn't paint being sprayed into my eyes ha ha ) and some items in my house are getting scared with this new found knowledge.....

Last year I had a little metal Christmas tree which was gold-and attached to the limbs were these tiny red and green balls.I did love the tree last year now I hated it.

Here is the poor little thing and No mum that is not dust .I wanted to see kinda if I liked it or would the paint cover before I totally stuffed it up.....

Anyway my test  results looked fine so I got Kev (because I would just pull the balls off and make a mess) to cut the balls off.They were tacked welded.

So then I went and gave it a couple of light coats in white  and...............

Isn't she pretty. My theme this year is silver and white  but I had to sick the little Robin in for Christmas...

So later today off to Bunnings to buy me some spray paint .I'm gunna go painting.Enough of the bush pig impersonation  ....I just don't know what to paint first except I need to make sure Kev isn't here.

Not because he would say NO to changing things.(he couldn't care less) but just to give me enough time so when he sees it "OH NO I WILL FIX IT FOR YOU "he he he

God I love that man (and my new tree)he he

dee xxx


  1. It looks sooooooooo much nicer in the white. Poor Kevin I'm glad he's coming up here for a HOLIDAY..

  2. Love your little silver tree! So pretty, and a big improvement on the original!


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